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Jun-17     On Target

Urban Housing

07/02/2018 – 12/31/2022

Beginning in 2019, 25% of new housing is located in urban centers and corridors


This strategic result focuses on ensuring that a certain percentage of new housing occurs within the City's urban centers and corridors. DRCOG defines urban centers as places that will be active; pedestrian, bicycle, and transit friendly places that are more dense and mixed in use than surrounding areas; allow people of all ages, incomes and abilities to access a range of housing, employment, and service opportunities without sole reliance on having to drive; promote regional sustainability by reducing per capita vehicle miles traveled, air pollution, greenhouse gas emissions and water consumption; and respect and support existing neighborhoods. In Arvada the Candelas, Olde Town and Ralston Fields areas are designated as urban centers. This strategic result is aligned with POLICY N-2.7: Transit Stations of the Comprehensive Plan, which states the City will encourage workforce housing near transit stations where appropriate.



Locating new housing units in urban centers and along urban corridors will provide households of all income levels better access to transit and transportation to commercial services that are typically located in these areas. Developing new housing units in mixed-use centers and corridors will also assist in reducing traffic congestion, as more services will be located within walking and biking distance to households.



On Target
Evaluate zoning options to facilitate residential development in the designated area(s) as a part of the Updated Land Development Code (LDC)


On Target
Create a system to track residential development within the designated area(s)