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Jun-17     On Target

Transit Oriented Development

06/17/2013 – 01/01/2019

By December 31, 2015, Arvada Ridge Transit Oriented Development (TOD) site vehicle and pedestrian access improvements will be evaluated and presented to City Council and by January 1, 2019 selected improvements will be completed


This strategic result focuses on the promotion of vehicle and pedestrian access to the transit oriented development at Arvada Ridge adjacent to the G Line station. The project scope entails the construction of a road from Kipling Parkway north of the railroad bridge (approximately 55th Avenue) and connecting to Lee Street. The project also includes the installation of a sidewalk from Kipling Parkway to Lee Street. And lastly, the intersections with Kipling Parkway will be signalized to promote pedestrian travel. and vehicular travel.



This project will provide a new access to the Red Rocks Community College campus and an alternate access to the G Line Arvada Ridge Station. Increased access will benefit both facilities and citizens traveling within the area.



Alternatives and recommendations regarding access presented to City Council 


On Target 
Developer design plans reviewed and approved by City Engineers 


On Target 
Project construction