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Jun-17     On Target

Public Restroom

05/19/2017 – 06/18/2017

By 2018, new public restrooms in Olde Town will be available to accommodate G Line commuters and increasing Olde Town visitation


Install a permanent restroom in the Olde Town area for all users as a result of increased activity due to the opening of the G Line commuter rail in 2017. An initial meeting of the project team will be held in June of 2017. Topics to be discussed during that meeting include:

  • Discussion of possible locations
  • Public outreach process
  • Procurement process
  • Cleaning and maintenance


Having a public restroom in Olde Town will alleviate burden on library, businesses and the Visitor's Center. It will also reduce issues with human waste in the alleys throughout Olde Town. A restroom will provide a basic human need in an area with significant visitation on an ongoing basis. The G Line is proposed to generate 3,000 boardings per day creating more activity in the public space around the platform as well as foot traffic throughout Olde Town.




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Develop specs. 


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Engineering project request 


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Public meeting format(s) 


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Public Meetings 


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Calls for service information 


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Review zoning 


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RTD discussions and utility locates 


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