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2016     Caution

Water Supply

By 2019, the City will have 100% of the water needed for build-out of the City

The City has a projected shortfall of 2,550 AF to meet the needs of the citizens in 2065. To fill the gap the City is pursuing several sources of water supplies: a) participating in the Denver Water Gross Reservoir Expansion project, b) purchase of agricultural water rights which are then converted to municipal use, and c) the construction of a future water storage reservoir. Progress is measured over many years.

Water is a critical element necessary to allow development to occur within the City.

The successful conclusion of the City's water rights change cases resulted in an additional 750 acre feet of firm yield to the City's water supplies. Two additional projects are needed to meet full development of the City; the Denver Water Gross Reservoir expansion program, and the building of Hwy 93 Lakes storage reservoir. Both are multi-year projects requiring multi-million dollar investments.