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Dec-15     Caution

Street Condition

70% Street Pavement Conditions are rated as "fair" or "better" (in lane miles)

In 2015, the City of Arvada contracted with Atkins North America, Colorado to update the pavement management system (PMS) for the City’s (467 centerline mile/1525 lane mile) roadway network. The intent of the PMS is to provide the City with easily accessible inventory and management information for managing their pavement. The PMS also provides a framework for long term financial planning while easily assessing the implications of alternative funding levels. Finally, the PMS facilitates planning and implementation of a specific maintenance and rehabilitation program while monitoring its effectiveness.

Atkins utilizes the PAVERTM software program, which was originally developed in the late 1970s to assist the Department of Defense in managing the maintenance and repair (M&R) of its inventory of pavements. It utilizes visual inspection data and a pavement condition index (PCI) scoring from zero (failed) to 100 (excellent) for rating a pavement's condition and for forecasting its future M&R needs.

In order to update the PMS the Atkins team performed the following tasks as outlined in the statement of work:

  • City wide pavement condition assessment with the Cartegraph Automated Pavement Data Collection vehicle
  • Data Entry and Update existing pavement
  • Run pavement management scenarios
  • Summary report/project documentation
  • Verification of section widths (for new roadway sections)

This project was a comprehensive pavement management system update including validated GIS inventory information, inspection data that complies with the ASTM D-6433-11 standards of practice, objectively computed PCI values for each section, pavement life cycle models

Arvada’s transportation infrastructure is the City’s largest and most valuable asset. Citizens and businesses rely on traveling on safe and satisfactory streets. Arvada, like most communities in the United States has deferred street maintenance. As our population continues to grow, it is important for our community to understand the resources required to maintain this asset.