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2017     Off Target

Street Funding Gap

This performance measure focuses on the amount of funds allocated toward street maintenance and the dollars required to maintain Arvada streets.

The City of Arvada allocates funds for street maintenance on a biennial basis. Over the past decade the cost of repairs has significantly outpaced the amount of money the City is able to dedicate to street maintenance projectsIn November 2016, the City placed a measure on the ballot to increase City sales and use tax by 1/2 cent (5 cents on a ten dollar purchase) to fund only street maintenance and improvements. The ballot measure did not pass. The City remains committed to protecting this asset and is working diligently to increase street maintenance and improvement funding through budget reductions and dedication of one time funds.

According to the Pavement Condition Index (PCI) report In 2016, funding street maintenance at the current rate of $5.5M per year reduces the City's overall street rating annually an average of 1.8 points on the PCI Index. By 2019, Arvada streets would fall into the poor category. Congestion is also a significant issue in Arvada. Roads in poor condition and congestion impact quality of life and safety.

The current level and manner of funding will not be sufficient to keep Arvada streets in fair, satisfactory or good condition as outlined by the PCI rating scale.