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Jun-17     Caution

Lane Miles Completed

Total number of lane miles completed within the 2017 street maintenance program

Two of the most common units of measure in the US regarding roadways and highways are center line miles and lane miles. Center line miles comprise the total length of the road or road segment whereas lane miles is determined by multiplying the center line miles by the number of lanes. Using lane miles as the unit of measurement provides the City with the best way to track, record and the analyze street maintenance data to gauge the status of where the City of Arvada stands with regard to reaching its targeted goals.

The Public Works Department is working to meet or exceed their performance measure, stating that 70% of the City’s streets to be rated fair or better. One step taken to assist in reaching this target, requires the City to work with contractors to augment street maintenance staff efforts in roadway maintenance and construction. In 2017, contractors are responsible for completing 121.94 lane miles of crack seal and overlay. The total number of lane miles in the City of Arvada is currently 1,525 and will continue to increase over time with the completion of new development areas in the northwest sector.

The ability to track actual lane miles of work completed with regard to street maintenance will assist City staff and leadership in assessing progress toward meeting this performance measure. This performance measure also places a high level of accountability on City staff to monitor and close contract work associated with maintenance agreements.