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Contract Performance

By 2015, 90% of contracts for service will contain specific performance measurements and by 2017, 85% of contracts for service will be awarded or renewed based partially upon performance results

This strategic result focuses on infusing performance into contracts to ensure vendors are held accountable.

The Arvada City Council has incorporated Performance Management into the City's organizational culture. When vendors submit offers to the City in response to solicitations for contracts for services, they shall identify the method by which they will monitor and report the progress of their performance, providing those services to the City. At a minimum, vendor performance shall be documented by the degree to which service is provided in accordance with the agreed upon scope of work, the budget/cost, and the timeline. Professional services is defined as the furnishing of labor, time, or effort by a contractor with specialized knowledge, which may include intensive preparation or education, and the furnishing of a report, or oral advice and information (e.g., architect, engineer, auditor, or other self-regulating professions), with an initial contract amount of more than $15,000.