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Jun-17     On Target

Arvada Center Master Plan

08/31/2016 – 12/31/2017

By 2017, complete an internal review of the Arvada Center Master Plan, recommend revisions and/or develop an implementation plan based on the changes to the Arvada Center governance structure, Hospitality Master Plan and other relevant policy documents


This initiative will update the Arvada Center Master Plan based on the significant changes that have occurred since the existing Master Plan was completed. The significant changes include the governance change approved by the City Council in July 2015 and completed with operational transition to the Arvada Center nonprofit organization in July 2016, and completion of the Hospitality (Arvada Events) Master Plan in December 2016.



This initiative is significant because the Arvada Center Master Plan assumes that the balance of the Arvada Center site should be reserved for arts related uses, and envisions significant capital investment for facilities such as expanded classrooms for arts and humanities classes and a parking structure. Priorities have shifted and it is unlikely that there would be public funds available for such an investment. In addition, the Cooperative Agreement between the City and the Arvada Center nonprofit envisions the relocation of Arvada Events from the Arvada Center. The Hospitality Master Plan, among other elements, assesses the feasibility of the relocation. Finally, the Arvada Center Master Plan was developed approximately 15 years ago with a high level of citizen and neighborhood engagement. This internal review will determine the need for major changes to the Arvada Center Master Plan and, if major changes are necessary, whether or not engagement of citizens and neighbors is necessary. It will also determine the cost associated with significant revisions to the Master Plan.




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Complete draft review and recommended revisions by October 1, 2017 


On Target 
Form internal review team by May 1, 2017 


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Present review summary and recommended revisions to Council during the November 27, 2017 Workshop