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Jun-17     On Target

Energy Conservation

03/21/2016 – 12/31/2019

By 2015, measurable results will be developed and published relative to the Sustain Arvada Plan for water, energy and transportation and the following results will be achieved: By 2019, energy consumed at City facilities will be reduced or offset by 8% from 2013 usage, based on a combination of conservation and renewable energy sources


This strategic result focuses on decreasing the overall use of energy consumed at City facilities. Staff and City Council wish to lead by example in the area of energy conservation. 


Energy consumed at City facilities results in cost to Arvada citizens. It is important for the City to be conscious of energy usage and to find ways to reduce and or offset energy use. City buildings and pump stations are inlcuded in this strategic result.




Adding solar panels to the fleet maintenance building 


On Target 
Participating in the Colorado DOE audit program for the Arvada Center facility & Olde Town LED street lighting 


On Target 
Participating with Xcel Energy's rebate program for LED lighting 


Potential for a solar garden within the Blunn Master Plan 


On Target 
Saving 600kw with sun share solar gardens 


On Target 
Monitor energy usage to track progress