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2016     Caution

Sustainable Arvada - Water

By 2019, water usage by the community is reduced from 146 gallons per day to 139 gallons per day

This measure tracks the effectiveness of the City’s water conservation programs. The City is currently working in partnership with the Center for ReSource Conservation and the Citizen Sustainability Committee to develop cost-effective programs to promote and measure water conservation. The measurement is based on annual water production through the water treatment plants divided by the city population.

This strategic result focuses on reducing water usage by the community, on a per capita basis, from 148 gallons per person per day in 2007 to 139 gallons per person per day (5 year running average). Per capita water use is calculated by dividing the gallons of water produced at the water treatment plants by Arvada's population. Per capita water usage is unique to each municipality or water district.

Water as a natural resource must be conserved. City Council and City staff are dedicated to providing education regarding water usage and other conservation programs as they become available to assist citizens and businesses use less water.

Water usage per person per day stayed the same in 2015 and 2016. It should be noted that 2015 and 2015 usage is less than 2007 through 2014.