Development Review Survey

By December 2022: 85% of development customers rate the development review process as ‘good’ and/or ‘excellent’


Providing a predictable, fair, and expedited development review process is a top priority for the City. Additionally, this process needs to ensure that the development projects being approved are aligned with the community's development standards. This strategic result will provide feedback to the Development Review Team on our ability to meet customer expectations. 


The development review process is a highly technical review which balances the needs of the development community to move through an approval process quickly, while ensuring the community's character is embedded in the development process. 

Balancing the requirements of a highly technical process can lead to conflict. Gathering feedback from the users will help the team make enhancements while meeting the expectations of the development community and maintaining the integrity of City development standards.  


In Q3 2021, development customers satisfaction is at 25%. In addition to measuring overall customer satisfaction, the team also looks at timeliness, fairness, clarity of comments, and courtesy of review. The YTD "good" or "excellent" scores for these categories:

  • Timeliness (45%)
  • Fairness (60%)
  • Clarity (55%)
  • Courtesy (87%)

Timeliness is a key driver for the lower overall scores. While the team does meet timeline deadlines for almost all reviews, many projects require additional reviews due to incomplete or inaccurate submittals, which increases the overall application time period. Additionally, the team has seen a 100% to 200% increase in the number of development cases over the past two years. 

The team will make a recommendation to change this strategic result to a Performance Measure in 2022.