Plan for Building a Hospital in Arvada

By December 2022: Have a plan in place to build a hospital in Arvada


As part of the 2014 Comprehensive Plan, the Community, City Council, and Planning Commission has identified that having a hospital in Arvada is an unmeet need in Arvada. In order to meet that need, the City Council has made it a specific goal of the City to identify a plan that would allow for a hospital to be built in Arvada. Aspects of the plan would may include location(s), funding, and partnership arrangements. The City does not intend to provide this service directly, but rather determine how is can partner with the private or non-profit sectors in order to meet this goal. 


Arvada has identified that having a hospital within Arvada would service an unmet need for the community. Arvada is the largest community in the Denver metro region without a hospital. This lack of community amenity can play a critical role during emergency situations when time is of the essence.  


The team met with leaders from various hospital groups in the region in order to identify site requirements for a hospital. The team is using this information to create a list of sites in Arvada that meet the criteria. Once identified, the list will be shared with the hospital groups to assess interest and identify challenges for building a hospital in Arvada.

The team will make a recommendation that this strategic result be transitioned to a milestone in the Economic Development Efforts aligned to the community's vision strategic result. This is in alignment with the City's Comprehensive Plan and the process will be handled through normal practices with desired business services in Arvada.