Encourage Pocket Neighborhoods

By December 2023: Encourage the Development of Pocket Neighborhoods


A “pocket neighborhood” is generally defined as a commercial or mixed use parcel(s), which is typically located within or adjacent to an established neighborhood near or on local collectors streets, which are not in an established commercial center. 

Examples of local collector, north-south roads may include: Lamar, Pierce, Carr, Garrison, Independence, Oak, Simms, Alkire, or McIntyre Streets.  Examples of local collector east-west roads may include: W. 52nd, W. 55th, Grandview, W. 60th, W. 64th, W. 66th, W. 74th, and W. 77th Avenues. 

Pocket neighborhoods are intended to draw a majority of their customers from the surrounding neighborhoods, reducing the need for some typical development standards such as parking. Pocket neighborhoods encourage the adaptive reuse of existing structures such as single family homes, churches, and other neighborhood scale structures to create community gathering spots with a primary use of retail or restaurants.


Pocket neighborhoods help connect commercial and residential activity at the neighborhood scale. Pocket neighborhoods integrate commercial uses into low intensity uses that can integrate into the surrounding area. The concept of pocket neighborhoods is to draw from the local community and not be a regional destination. The creating of pocket neighborhoods can serve as a local placemaking and gathering spot to build community.  


The team is working with Tri-Point Residential to implement a pilot pocket neighborhood project in Candelas at the corner of Candelas Parkway and McIntyre Street. The developer had a pre-application meeting with the City in November, 2021. 

Additionally, the team is working on a new zoning district which could be used by the development community to rezone property to this new district allowing developers to integrate small scale mixed use or commercial projects into neighborhoods at appropriate locations. The new zone district will be proposed to the City Council in 2022.