Adequate Water Supply

Through December 2025, continue progress on having 100% of water needed for build out based upon the water supply masterplan and current schedule for completion of Gross Reservoir by 2028 


The City has been engaged in long-term strategic planning related to water supply for decades. Currently, the City has a projected shortfall of 2,550 acre feet (AF) to meet the needs of the community in 2065. To fill the gap, the City is pursuing the following sources of water supplies:

  • Participating in the Denver Water Gross Reservoir Expansion project
  • Purchasing agricultural water rights, which are then converted to municipal use
  • Planning and construction of a future water storage reservoir

Additional water supply strategies are complex in nature and require partnerships with multiple agencies. Additionally, the strategies are resource intensive, and progress is measured over multiple years.


Water is a critical element necessary for the build-out of the City, as envisioned by the Comprehensive Plan. The approach to procuring water must be strategic and multi-faceted.

Another key factor is water conservation. The importance of water conservation was solidified in the 2019 Community Survey.


Construction on the Gross Reservoir is scheduled to start in April, 2022. New contracts for service commencing in December, 2025, include commitments from the City that will allow us to deliver new water beginning in 2028.  The complex nature of this project will require additional time to complete this Strategic Result. The team will make a recommendation to extend the due date to December, 2027.