Jefferson Parkway

Date TBD: Continue progress working with regional partners and jurisdictions to complete construction of the regional toll road


The Jefferson Parkway Public Highway Authority (JPPHA) will complete the last un-built portion of the metropolitan beltway, the Jefferson Parkway, through a public-private partnership to finance, design, build, operate, and maintain the Parkway.


The Jefferson Parkway will provide commuters with travel options without the need to traverse city arterial and neighborhood streets. It also completes the Denver Metropolitan beltway. The diversion of traffic will decrease stress on Arvada streets. 


On February 25, 2020, the City and County of Broomfield voted to serve the Jefferson Parkway Public Highway Authority (JPPHA) with a Notice to Withdraw. As one of three local government agencies that formed the JPPHA, Broomfield's action created uncertainty regarding the future of the Parkway. At this time, all progress associated with the planning, development and construction of the Parkway has ceased.