Street Maintenance Deficit

By December 2023: Provide financial options for City Council in order to eliminate the street maintenance deficit.


The Public Works team will be developing financial options for the City Council in order to address the street maintenance deficit through the following methods:

  • Using Road Matrix software, the pavement team will create various scenarios of the Arvada roadway network pavement condition and then an estimate calculation can be performed playing out various strategies depending upon funding alternatives as well as various pavement conditions.
  • We will work with the finance team and the emerging leaders team to evaluate various options for funding the alternatives described in the bullet point above.
  • Upon evaluating all alternatives and financial strategies, the team will develop a presentation for the City Council.
  • Based upon the direction of the City Council, the public works team will develop a financial strategy.


Streets are a highly important community asset.  Over the course of several years, our community rated streets maintenance as a top priority on the annual community survey.  In addition, maintaining our roadway network helps our community travel safely through Arvada with good ride quality.  By maintaining our street network, we can keep our roadways from deteriorating to the point where they require expensive full reconstruction.  

Significant funding is necessary to improve the condition of Arvada streets.  By providing the City Council with various funding options, the Council can make informed decisions to improve our roadway network


During 2021, the team began work on a program charter to assist in outlining the steps and objectives for a street maintenance funding plan. The team recognizes that street maintenance is only one element in maintaining the overall infrastructure of the City. And as such, the team must take a holistic approach to infrastructure maintenance. The street maintenance plan will include a 1, 3, and 5 year budget analysis and may also include one time funds. Maintaining our infrastructure is challenging based on current funding resources. 

The team would like to recommend changing the language of this strategic result to read, "By 12/23, provide financial options for City Council in order to address the street maintenance deficit".