Street Maintenance Master Plan

By December 2021: Complete and implement a Street Maintenance Master Plan


This strategic result is paramount to the success of the street program. A master plan allows the team to vet the proposed street work in coordination with other work systems and utility projects to avoid conflict and/or damage to newly placed  asphalt or concrete. 

This strategy builds community trust, ensures City departments and outside partners are on the same page when conducting street maintenance, maximizes resource utilization, and helps improve product delivery.  


Maintaining existing roads and transportation network in tandem with snow and ice control services helps to ensure safe transportation modes for the community.  Satisfaction with Arvada street condition is  measured utilizing the Community Survey.  Results gathered from the 2019 Community Survey underscore the need for the City to focus on street maintenance.

The Streets Master Plan will be used to guide the Street Infrastructure Maintenance Program by forecasting and prioritizing the streets requiring service and the treatment type or action to be performed. 

This prioritization will assist the Streets Division to plan, organize, and prioritize which areas will receive concrete replacement prior to asphalt work. 

Understanding the annual type of work and scope provides the information and data needed to plan and budget accordingly.


The Street Maintenance Master Plan is one element in the overall surface infrastructure within the City. It is important to integrate all aspects of infrastructure maintenance. In 2021, the City team began sharing information with consultants to launch the Street Maintenance Master Plan project. 

Because of the complex nature of this project, the team will make a recommendation to extend the due date for this strategic result to December, 2022. The team is also recommending the creation of new milestones for completing this strategic result. 

The following is a timeline of key steps to be completed in 2022:

  • Comprehensive review of annual pavement replacement program, street sweeping, patching, paving and pothole repair, concrete maintenance and repair
  • Facilities equipment 
  • Snow and ice control
  • Establish ROI
  • Review ADA aspects 
  • Gap assessment
  • Establish goals and recommendations
  • Prepare to present Master Plan to the City Council