Voter Approved Bond Funds

By December 2025: Effectively utilize voter approved bond funds for the completion of Ralston Road phase 2 and the expansion of 72nd Avenue


City teams are currently working on two voter-approved bond projects: Ralston Road and W. 72nd Avenue.  The first bond project includes reconstruction of Ralston Road between Yukon Street to Garrison Street, as a four-lane arterial roadway with a center median or two-way left turn and eight-foot detached or ten-foot attached sidewalk; relocation of utilities, associated storm drainage system, waterline, curb and gutter, traffic signal replacement, and streetscape elements. The project will include significant streetscape connecting Olde Town Arvada to the newly developed area of Ralston Road and Garrison Street.  In addition, the project will include significant streetscape that will enhance the beauty of the area.  

The West 72nd Ave bond project will improve the flow of traffic from Kipling Street to Swadley Street. The project includes constructing two lanes in each direction; improving drainage, curb, and gutter; sidewalk improvements, which will aid in pedestrian and bicycle safety. The project will also construct a railroad underpass at the Union Pacific Rail Road (UPRR) tracks.  


These projects are among the largest infrastructure projects to be completed by the City and are important as they directly impact the efficiency of east/west travel along both corridors, and will help relieve traffic congestion.  

Both projects will improve the safety of motor vehicle, pedestrian, bicycle, and other forms of transportation. Lastly, the railway underpass will prevent traffic congestion at the UPRR crossing.


The Arvada team met December 8, 2021 with the citizen’s bond oversight committee to present an update on the Ralston Road and the W. 72nd Avenue bond projects. This group meets quarterly and the City engineering team provides information to the committee regarding funding related to the project, project schedules, and communication with the residents and businesses along the project corridors. 

During the December 13th City Council Workshop, the Arvada team presented a progress report summarizing the status of the Ralston Road and W 72nd Avenue bond projects. At this time, both bond projects are on schedule and within the current allocated budgets. 

The Arvada Urban Renewal Authority (AURA) generously agreed to finance the new streetscape along Ralston Road as part of the Ralston Road Phase 2 bond project. The streetscape helps connect the Ralston Road project (both Phase 1 and 2) to the Olde Town area. The City received the final payment of the $3.5 million from AURA. The partnership with AURA will make a substantial impact to the streetscape of Ralston Road.