Waste Hauling Options

By December 2021: Complete full implementation of waste hauling options


This strategic result focuses on the City’s effort to implement an organized waste and recycling collection program. While the City supports our recycling partner Sustainability, this program will help bring recycling to a larger audience. The City's new waste and recycling program began in July 2021. 

Arvada residents care about efficient services and good value. The organized waste hauling program delivers both by providing waste and recycling collection services at competitive prices. 


The following is a list of benefits related to the implementation of an organized waste hauling program:

  • Improves City recycling rates by providing recycle collection
  • Includes recycling in the monthly rate 
  • Decreases heavy truck traffic
  • Decreases overall wear and tear on City streets
  • Decreases noise nuisance and air pollution
  • Provides additional services (bulk item drop-off events)
  • Increases safety within communities and neighborhoods
  • Includes a dedicated customer service center 
  • Provides lower costs and/or provide additional services 
  • Provides consistent waste hauling services within Arvada


On June 15, 2020, City Council passed a revised ordinance making changes to the City's current trash hauler license requirements. The revised ordinance supports the City's dedication to sustainability and increased recycling.  The City continues to allow all licensed waste hauling companies to provide services in accordance to the revised ordinance and licensing requirements.