Communication and Engagement

By December 2021: Implement a comprehensive City Communications and Engagement Strategy


To meet this strategic result, the City team will collaboratively develop the strategy, processes, tools, and evaluation methods to facilitate meaningful communication and engagement among a diverse community and City team to support transparency, informed decision-making, understanding, and involvement with City issues and activities.


The City must work to achieve more meaningful, inclusive and effective public involvement with the various segments of our community. 51% of participants in the 2017 Community Survey (CS) stated the City “Exceeds” or “Greatly Exceeds” expectations regarding keeping residents informed, and 48% said the City provides information in an open and transparent way. 

Only 44% of respondents gave positive ratings to performance regarding seeking residents’ involvement and input. These results represent a compelling need to improve communications and engagement with the City.


The purpose of the comprehensive City Communications and Engagement  Strategy is to achieve more-informed decision-making, stronger community and team cohesion, reduced risk in policy development and implementation, and a City that is more responsive to community needs.

The Engagement Framework articulates a set of principles for good public involvement (including striving to achieve engagement that is purposeful, meaningful, inclusive and diverse, transparent, and accessible) and an optimal process for involving the right people, at the right time, and at the right level of participation based on the problem to be solved or decision to be made. The related strategies and plans directly support four focus areas, including:

  • Community engagement, 
  • Internal communications, 
  • External communications and 
  • Marketing.