COVID-19 Recovery

By December 2020: In alignment with the established recovery Principles, the City will provide services with necessary modifications while remaining agile and able to respond to changing circumstances related to the COVID-19 pandemic


From the start of the City of Arvada's response to the COVID-19 health crisis, planning for recovery has been an important piece. A Recovery Team was established early on, and now the City is beginning first phases of recovery, including the phased re-engagement of in-person services. This strategic result will provide a resource for tracking some key pieces of the City's work in recovering from the health and economic challenges associated with COVID-19.

The City’s approach includes a long-term focus on recovery while remaining agile to respond to changing circumstances. We know that we will be operating in the new normal for an indefinite period.  We will continue to follow state and county health guidelines as we work to reopen our community. Additional communications and engagement considerations will be included as well.

The Leadership Team also acknowledges that significant, ongoing recovery work will continue well beyond the timeframe of this strategic result.  Having this result established, however, will provide some much needed tracking for our initial efforts to respond to and recover from this pandemic.


Situation COVID-19 is a novel virus that can create rapidly spreading, dangerous outbreaks of respiratory illness.  It is spread by respiratory droplets, close contact (within six feet) and transfer from contaminated surfaces.

It is assumed that:

  • COVID-19 will continue to circulate and present a public health risk in our community and our workplace
  • Practical measures may enable us to restore most City operations and services
  • Some services may not be restored until greater community immunity has been established or a vaccine becomes available
  • We can greatly reduce, but not completely eliminate the risk from our workplace and our community
  • Recurrent outbreaks are likely over the next few years
  • Monitoring, testing, contact tracing, and preparedness will continue to improve our capacity to manage future outbreaks


It is imperative that we recognize the COVID-19 virus will remain present and persistent in our workplace and community for an extended period of time.  Public health officials predict COVID-19 will impact individuals and communities until a vaccine or immunity is developed.  Therefore, we must protect our workforce, guests, environment, and facilities proactively.  

This will be accomplished through guidelines and procedures the City's leadership team will develop and implement.  

The Community Resilience Coordinator will collaborate with the Leadership Team and will continually assess the public health environment and provide recommendations about the phased return to work and on-going functions the City provides to the organization, City Council, Community, Boards and Commissions, Guests, and other individuals and groups.  By constantly monitoring and evaluating our changing environment, this strategic result will assist us in being agile with the ability to modify milestones in order to meet the changing conditions and environment.  


This strategic result was completed on schedule. It is important to note that as the impacts of the COVID-19 Pandemic continue through 2021 and will remain a challenge during 2022, the City will continue to respond based on the Recovery Principles established in 2020 and modified, as needed. 

The full description of the Recovery Principles and actions implemented in association with this Strategic Result are summarized within the COVID Strategic Result Analysis document.