Resilience Collaborative

By December 2023: Launch a citywide resilience collaborative sharing resources, building partnerships and ensuring community ownership of meeting identified resilience targets


The City Council identified community resilience as a priority strategic result in 2019, initiating crucial steps to identify whole-community strategies to increase the City's ability to withstand, recover, and thrive in the face of unexpected disasters, shocks or stresses. 

A key strategic result on our resilience journey is the launch of a citywide resilience collaborative. This collaborative will ensure community ownership of meeting identified resilience goals and targets now and in the future. 


Being able to withstand, recover, and thrive in the face of future shocks and stresses is a cornerstone of our community vision. As a result, City teams and City Council have committed to taking creative, proactive steps to increase the resilience of our community.

We understand that a successful, sustained response to our resilience challenges will require a proactive, whole-community approach. This means that in addition to our internal resilience planning and implementation activity, we are also committed to partnering with our residents, business owners, and other local stakeholders to build capacity across our diverse body of community members. 

An important element of building our capacity is the launch of a citywide resilience collaborative to ensure whole-community ownership over meeting identified resilience targets. 


While providing necessary leadership throughout the pandemic, the Community Resilience Coordinator, continued building relationships.  The relationships were key to the Arvada Resilience Task Force and the success we had in supporting the business community. While this was not a direct responsibility of the Resilience Coordinator, the principles associated with the work of a citywide resilience strategy certainly applied to the success of the Arvada Resilience Task Force.