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Communication Plan & Engagement Strategy

Due: June 2021

Principle: Providing multiple platforms for data to the community to support its ability to engage in community governance, exercise civic responsibility and easily access and share public information.


To meet this strategic result, the City team will collaboratively develop the strategy, processes, tools and evaluation methods to facilitate meaningful communication and engagement among a diverse community and City team to support transparency, informed decision-making, understanding, and involvement with City issues and activities.


The City must work to achieve more meaningful, inclusive and effective public involvement with the various segments of our community. 51% of participants in the 2017 Community Survey (CS) stated the City “Exceeds” or “Greatly Exceeds” expectations regarding keeping residents informed, and 48% said the City provides information in an open and transparent way. 

Only 44% of respondents gave positive ratings to performance regarding seeking residents’ involvement and input. These results represent a compelling need to improve communications and engagement with the City.


Our work in 2019 was focused on developing a communications and engagement strategy, and in 2020 the team prioritized the actions that would demonstrate the City was implementing that strategy. This included refining the collaborative groups of people and the standards and processes to make our communications more consistent, integrated, and successful in support of City Council priorities.

The work supported the four pillars of the larger communications and engagement strategy: community engagement, external communications, internal communications and marketing. For engagement, a group of people collaborated on standardizing our use of the Speak Up Arvada online engagement platform. We saw increased use of the platform from the Infrastructure work system as well as increased registrations and feedback offered through Speak Up. Furthermore, we saw community engagement referenced in project materials and reports to City Council. We also piloted training to help people use the IAP2 engagement spectrum so they can be more intentional about how they engage groups on a project or policy.

For external communications, the Web Core Team continued to administer the City's websites, which are centerpieces to our strategy. This work included the launch of a new Inside Arvada and the finalization of a group charter to guide our work. The Social Core Team continued to meet weekly to ensure information shared on our social platforms aligned with City Council priorities and the City's agenda.

Improvements to the aformentioned Inside Arvada were a significant step forward in our internal communications, but we also improved the Weekly Briefs process, began regular Everyone Zoom meetings (in response to COVID, but we will retain them) and more consistent use of the Everyone emails, including messages from the City Manager.

For our Marketing focus, we made significant improvements to our Creative Services, standardizing how we develop video, emphasizing storytelling and Voice of the Customer to a greater degree in our communicatations, and increasing collaboration across Arvada Media Services and the Print and Design Services teams. 

To complete our work in developing a City Marketing Plan, the team requests to extend the Strategic Result to 12/21.

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