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Communication Plan & Engagement Strategy

Due: June 2021

Principle: Providing multiple platforms for data to the community to support its ability to engage in community governance, exercise civic responsibility and easily access and share public information.


To meet this strategic result, the City team will collaboratively develop the strategy, processes, tools and evaluation methods to ensure the City communicates and engages with the community and staff using methods that are coordinated and that continually evolve to support better outcomes.


The City must work to achieve more meaningful, inclusive and effective public involvement with the various segments of our community. 51% of participants in the 2017 Community Survey (CS) stated the City “Exceeds” or “Greatly Exceeds” expectations regarding keeping residents informed, and 48% said the City provides information in an open and transparent way. Only 44% of respondents gave positive ratings to performance regarding seeking residents’ involvement and input. These results represent a compelling need to improve communications and engagement with the City.


The focus in 2019 was on assessing existing teams, processes and tools, and on framing the strategy. 2020 work is focused on confirming the framework and developing the plans, processes and measures that will demonstrate full implementation by the end of the year.

Although the results of the 2019 survey show improvement, keeping the community informed, providing open and transparent information, and seeking community involvement remain below average and need further improvement.

Leadership Team Recommendations: The City Council idea to create a comprehensive marketing plan has been added to this strategic result.

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