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Implement Waste Hauling Options

Due: December 2021

Principle: Provides specialized programs, environmental education and resource conservation services to residents so they can carefully use and preserve resources and save money.


This strategic result focuses on the City's effort to implement organized waste hauling options. Currently, the City does not provide trash or recycling services to residents. The City does license trash haulers and maintains a list of licensed haulers on arvada.org. SustainAbility is a company that serves as the City's local recycling partner. 


An organized waste hauling system will:

  • Offer lower cost options to the community
  • Decrease road damage from heavy garbage trucks
  • Decrease noise nuisance and air pollution
  • Provide additional services including recycle and bulky item pick up
  • Increase street safety for pedestrians
  • Improve Arvada’s low recycling rates


In 2020, the waste hauling team completed their work with mapping and working with Arvada home owner assoications. The information gained through this process will be utilized by teams within multiple work systems to enhance communication with HOAs.

The team created and delivered written communication regarding waste hauling to the community via the Arvada Report and water bill inserts. 

Aother 2020 accomplishment included the implementation of updates to the CIS billing system, which will provide the ability to bill for trash service within the current water billing statement.

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Did you know?

Recycling is one of the fastest, most cost effective steps we can take to fight climate change. For every one ton of materials we recycle, we save three tons of carbon emissions. For example, recycling an aluminum can saves 92% of the energy it takes to make it from virgin minerals and is back on the shelf in 60 days. Recycling also keeps materials out of landfills, which pollute our
air and water. Trash from Arvada is dumped at landfills in Golden, Erie or Aurora. Recycling creates nine times more jobs than
landfills per ton and returns more money to our local economy. Recycling conserves natural resources, protects our land, water,
forests and air.

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