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Implement Waste Hauling Options

Due: December 2021

Principle: Provides specialized programs, environmental education and resource conservation services to residents so they can carefully use and preserve resources and save money.


This strategic result focuses on the City's effort to implement organized waste hauling options. Currently, the City does not provide trash or recycling services to residents. Residents have options for recycling and disposing of household trash. The City does license trash haulers and maintains a list of licensed haulers on arvada.org. SustainAbility is a company that serves as the City's local recycling partner. 


An organized waste hauling system will:

  • Lower costs to residents
  • Decrease road damage
  • Decrease noise nuisance and air pollution
  • Provide additional services (recycle, bulk item pick up)
  • Increase street safety for pedestrians, kids, pets, vehicles
  • Improve Arvada’s low recycling rates


Work on this strategic result continues.  Based on direction received from the City Council and implementation ordinance is being draft for consideration in 2020, along with information regarding the cost of trash and recycling services.  Work on the community engagement plan will begin in early 2020.

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Did you know?

In the 2019 Community Survey, two-thirds (63%) of residents either "Somewhat" or "Strongly" support the organized waste hauling idea and one in five (20%) of residents oppose the idea. 

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