Arvada Community Survey – We want to know your opinion about how safe you feel in the City, and in your neighborhood, how you perceive Arvada as a place to live, how the City uses tax dollars and other areas of interest. This information is critical to the city’s understanding of the current and future needs of Arvada residents, like you.
The Arvada Community Survey is conducted every other year, and functions as a consumer report card for the City by providing residents the opportunity to rate their satisfaction with their quality of life, community amenities, and local government. The survey also gives residents an opportunity to provide feedback to the City on what they believe is working well and what is not, and to communicate their priorities regarding community planning and resource allocation. Information gained through the survey provides a foundation for the City Council Strategic Plan.

City Council Strategic PLan and FOCUS – FOCUS is the City’s integrated performance management system that guides how our staff looks at what we do each day. It provides data for decision making and helps drive funding for the many programs Arvada citizens want and need.
The 2020-2025 City Council Strategic Plan was adopted on 9.16.19 and includes five priority areas. All strategic results are aligned with milestones and performance measures to ensure achievement of service excellence through a data-driven, results-oriented, customer-focused and responsive approach. The City Council Strategic Plan powered by FOCUS drives Arvada to prepare for the future, while also directly showing our citizens the value they receive for their investment.

Speak Up Arvada – Speak Up Arvada is an engagement platform designed to allow community input on a range of topics/projects that will help shape the future of Arvada. The City utilizes Speak Up Arvada to gather community feedback on topics that affect the quality of life. Speak Up Arvada will play a critical role in the new City Communication Plan.