Probation Assessment for Juveniles

By December 2022: 100% of juveniles charged with criminal offenses will receive measurable risk-based pre-sentence assessments


A pre-sentence investigation report (PSIR) gives the Court a wide breadth of information regarding the defendant including education, employment, mental health, substance abuse, family history, stability, and provides the Court with the necessary information to determine the best and most appropriate sentence for the offender. In the juvenile justice world, a pre-sentence investigation report is even more important to help determine the appropriate interventions necessary to rehabilitate the juvenile. 


The PSIR has an immediate purpose: to help the court determine an appropriate sentence, but it also serves other purposes. Since the advent of the sentencing guidelines, the importance of the pre-sentence report has increased because the document is now designed to frame factual and legal issues for sentencing. 

The probation officer assigned responsibility for the offender's case during probation and supervised release will use the report to make an initial assessment of case needs and risks. Additionally, the report may be used as a source of information for future research. The information allows changing of a sentence subject to the Commitment Order and the judge's verdict.


In 2021, all juveniles charged with criminal offenses referred to probation received a PSIR resulting in the completion of this strategic result. Since the PSIR process is now embedded in our daily work, the team plans to create a performance measure in 2022 to continue measuring progress.