Public Safety Education

By March 2021: Public Safety will implement a community engagement and education plan


This strategic result focuses on the development of a formalized community engagement strategy that can be communicated to and referenced by Police Department personnel as they work throughout the community.  This engagement strategy will also ensure ongoing collaboration with all members of the City communications teams.

In Arvada, we believe that community safety is directly tied to citizen involvement. Sector policing enables police officers to become experts on the needs, issues, and concerns of the people within the specific areas, or sectors, to which they are assigned.

Arvada currently has four sectors--Adam, Baker, Charlie, and Delta. Teams are composed of one Commander, Sergeants, Detectives, and numerous officers, including School Resource Officers. While much of the day-to-day policing decisions and resource allocations are made at the sector level by sector command staff, police operations throughout the City are overseen by the Chief of Police, Deputy Chief of Operations, and Deputy Chief of Patrol.


A healthy police community relationship is vital to the well being of any community. The Police Department weaves community relations into its core policing strategy.


Sector Commanders are responsible for developing and implementing a community engagement plan tailored to meet the specific needs of their sector.  Command staff focused on creating community outreach and juvenile education plans and have successfully completed this strategic result.

Please click on the following link to read the Community Outreach and Juvenile Education Plan 2021