History Master Plan

By December 2021: Complete a History Master Plan


This strategic result focuses on the City's effort to identify historical assets and to put a plan in place for preservation and interpretation of these historical assets.  This strategic result includes enhancing community awareness, seeking input and feedback in order to develop a History Master Plan.  

It is recommended that our team work with the History Colorado staff in developing a History Master Plan that complements its approach in preserving and interpreting Colorado's history. History Colorado is a statewide non-profit organization that interprets the State of Colorado's history through a lens that includes diversity, equity, and inclusivity. 


Arvada is fortunate to have a rich history. The act of creating a robust History Master Plan will ensure future decisions are informed and based on a broad vision for preservation and presentation of Arvada's history. 

An inventory of existing historical resources, assets and partnerships that are available to support preservation and restoration of historical assets will have an impact on long range financial planning. The History Master Plan will provide information identifying the potential need for future resource allocation and utilization.  


The Arvada Urban Renewal Authority (AURA), City and Historical Society have agreed in principle to revitalize the Flour Mill.  The Flour Mill is an authentic piece of Arvada’s history strategically located in Olde Town adjacent to the Transit Hub.  This historical resource is owned by the Historical Society and the land is owned by the City within the Urban Renewal Area.

The Historical Society Board voted unanimously to team up with AURA and the City to explore how to activate the Flour Mill and turn it into a museum.  A new committee made up of three members of the Historical Society, two from AURA, and one from the City will need to hire and work with a consultant to develop a Master Plan. The City is drafting an MOU between the three parties that will outline how this process will work. AURA has indicated they will finance the consultant and, depending on the results of the Master Plan, may finance the improvements.