Strategic Investments

By December 2023: Complete strategic investments and initiatives to ensure parks, trails, open space, and amenities are in alignment with our diverse, changing, and growing community


To align the Parks Master Plan with population growth and changing community expectations and demographics, the City will consider modifications and enhancements to existing programs.  A comprehensive review of programs such as Land Pursuit and Acquisitions, volunteers, events, policies and standards will be required to ensure parks, trails, open space, and amenities are aligned now and in the future.


The City continues to change in size, demographics, and resource availability. Planning for strategic investments and initiatives will ensure long range resource planning support the changing community.  


In 2021, the work on the strategic Land Pursuit and Acquisition and Community Events Plan was delayed by the COVID-19 Pandemic. In addition, resources such as funds and team capacity that were to be allocated for this strategic result were diverted to support the Olde Town Street Closure project. 

The team will make a recommendation to move the "By 12/21, develop policies, procedures and standards for all the events occurring in Olde Town to ensure safety and quality for the community" milestone under the Action Initiative Plan for Olde Town Master Plan.