Shared Neighborhood Spaces

By December 2025: 50% of neighborhoods complete a project or initiative that reshapes or activates shared neighborhood spaces


A successful neighborhood engagement plan will help the City achieve the following objectives: 

  • Allow the City to engage with the right people at the right time about the right things.
  • Help the City provide appropriate and timely support to diverse neighborhood groups.
  • Empower residents to build social capital within their neighborhoods and manage neighborhood investments.
  • Facilitate and grow stronger relationships between community members and local government operators. 

The Neighbors Connected program offers grant opportunities to support neighborhood groups in projects to create or improve neighborhood spaces. These include:

  • Neighborhood Improvement Grant (4 awarded per yr.) - $3,000
  • Small Activity Grant - $250
  • Know Your Neighbor Grant - $50
  • Neighborhood of the Year Award mini-Grants - $150 - $1000


Neighborhood engagement supports Organizational and Service Effectiveness and Vibrant Community and Neighborhoods through improved communications, collaboration, and strong communities. 

Emergency preparedness and resiliency are also strengthened through neighborhood engagement. Residents and the City both benefit from a successful neighborhood engagement plan.  


The Neighborhood Engagement Team met in 2020 and 2021 to work towards the creation of a neighborhood engagement plan. The team includes representatives from Community Resilience, Parks, Special Events, Traffic, Police, Code Enforcement, Planning, Communications, AEDA, and Housing. 

The team inventoried neighborhood touchpoints and current programs across work systems, identified gaps and opportunities to improve services, brainstormed tools and resources to close those gaps, and worked through action items to achieve a vision for successful neighborhood engagement in 5 years.

A draft copy of the plan has been completed.  The Neighborhood Engagement Program has been transferred from the Vibrant Community and Neighborhoods work system to the Organizational and Service Effectiveness work system. In 2022, work will include amending and finalizing the neighborhood engagement plan.