About the Dashboard


The City utilizes an integrated performance management philosophy called FOCUS. This philosophy integrates strategic planning and performance-based budgeting to drive results to meet current and future needs of our community.

FOCUS monitors and supports the “Golden Thread”, which is our term for total alignment of priorities for the City workforce from individual performance goals, program performance measures, work system principles and City Council Strategic Results and milestones.

The foundation for this work is the City Council Strategic Plan (CCSP). The CCSP is our guiding document that drives daily operations of the City by identifying key operational objectives, prioritizing change initiatives and addressing resource allocation.

The CCSP has a six-year time horizon, and is developed by the City Council  in collaboration with the City leadership team. The 2020 – 2025 CCSP was adopted by resolution on September 16, 2019 . 

Guiding Themes

Input from the community gathered through Speak Up Arvada, the Community Survey, and City Council helps to identify major themes for the CCSP: These themes describe an Arvada that:

  • Provides a full range of municipal services to its residents; one that engages effectively and allocates sufficient resources to meet the growing and changing needs of our community.
  • Prioritizes quality of life, which is defined by connected, safe neighborhoods where we care for our neighbors and enjoy access to an incredible network of parks, trails, and open space.
  • Supports a safe, effective, and efficient transportation system, including access to the greater metropolitan area, transit opportunities, and improved connectivity to our many recreational assets.
  • Embraces small town traditions to achieve an inclusive, prosperous, and resilient community of neighborhoods where quality housing is attainable to all.

We are dedicated to delivering superior services to enhance the lives of everyone in our community!

“The City desires to continue its efforts to achieve and maintain service excellence by fostering a data-driven, results-oriented, customer focused, and innovative organization.”

Glossary of Terms

Principle [P]

Principles are high-level business strategies that form our business model and serve as pillars of excellence. They are broad in scope and apply to all areas within the City organization and provide standards for how we do business in order to successfully support City Council priorities. They promote working collaboratively in a deliberate strategic direction.

Strategic Result [SR]

A specific and measurable objective directed by City Council providing guidance in supporting priorities and organization transformation. Strategic results are a statement of a desired end-state and are measurable and explicitly defined using outcome language. They provide guidance to organizational transformation.

Milestone [M]

A significant event or important achievement that indicates change or progress toward a strategic result. Milestones signal anchors and serve as visible indicators of progress toward achievement of a strategic result.

Performance Measure [PM]

Using SMART goal framework, performance measures are specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and timely. Performance measures help focus efforts and ability to achieve targets. All strategic performance measures are directly aligned with a strategic result and all operational performance measures align with one or more principles.