Development and the Comp Plan

95% of development approvals conform to the City’s Comprehensive Plan 


This strategic result calculates the number of approved development cases that are consistent with the City's Comprehensive Plan. The Comprehensive Plan is a long range planning document which outlines future land use areas throughout the city. 

The document is created with a significant amount of community input. The goal of the document is to be able to establish predicable development patterns within the city, which are consistent with the community's vision. Ensuring that development projects conform with the Comprehensive Plan, helps ensure that new development aligns with overall community vision. 


When the target for this strategic result is reached on an ongoing basis, we know that most development projects conform to the Community's vision of development as defined by the Land Development Code (LDC). 

Projects which require changes to the Comprehensive Plan must first be approved by City Council. If City Council feels it is appropriate to modify the Comprehensive Plan below the target,  it will be important to go through a process to understand how those changes impact the overall community vision.  


The team proactively updated several areas of the Comprehensive Plan (CP) in May and June of 2020 in association with the approval of the new Land Development Code (LDC). The new LDC updated all zoning districts within the city and, as a result, some of the planning areas were inconsistent with the intent of the new zoning. 

As a result, the team updated several areas in the CP to provide better continuity between the new zone districts and the CP.   

During 2020, no comprehensive plan amendments were requested by a developer. 

During 2019, 2020, and anticipated in 2021, we will be over 95% or higher in conforming to the comp plan. 2021 data will be entered in January of 2022. The trend over 3 years shows we are aligned with the City's Comprehensive Plan; therefore, the team will make the recommendation to retire this strategic result in 2022. 

The last complete update to the Comprehensive Plan was in 2014. The CP should be updated every 10 years. As such the City team will start the process to update the CP in 2023 with a target approval date of 2024. There will be a robust community engagement process as part of the comprehensive plan update process.