Value for Taxes


Voter Approved Bond Funds

Due: December 2025

Principle: Offers services focused on safe and environmentally-efficient City facilities and fleet vehicles to ensure the most efficient and maximum usage of valued assets. Applies cost-effective and timely engineering design, geographic information, effective construction practices, and established standards and specifications to align public infrastructure priorities with community growth and re-development needs.


City teams are currently working on two voter approved bond projects.  Project 1 will rebuild Ralston Road from Yukon Street to Garrison Street. This project will include widening of the lanes of traffic; the installation of curb and gutter, and will widen the sidewalk to specification. The Ralston Road project is necessary to complete to improve the flow of traffic along Ralston Road by widening the lanes; to improve curb and gutter; to improve the sidewalks, and improve pedestrian and bicycle safety.  

The project will also install a new water line and center medians. The project will include significant streetscape connecting Olde Town Arvada to the newly developed area of Ralston Road and Garrison St.  In addition, the project will include significant streetscape that will enhance the beauty of the area.  

The W. 72nd Ave project will improve the flow of traffic from Kipling St. to Swadley St. The project includes constructing two lanes in each direction; improving drainage, curb, gutter; sidewalk improvements which will aid in pedestrian and bicycle safety. The project will also construct a railroad underpass at the UPRR tracks.  


These projects are among the largest infrastructure projects to be completed by the City and are important as they directly impact the efficiency of east/west travel along both corridors, and will help relieve traffic congestion.  

Both projects will improve the safety of motor vehicle travel and will improve the safety of pedestrians, bicyclists, and other forms of transportation. Lastly, the railway underpass will prevent traffic backups at the UPRR crossing.


Both projects are progressing as expected. The team currently has projections for 72nd Avenue and has identified a contractor for the Ralston phase 2 project. 

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